James Daniel Lounge Furniture rental is a great addition to any event, for a more intimate and casual feeling.

From love seats and ottomans to light up cocktail tables and cubes, James Daniel Entertainment can create sophisticated yet comfortable and intimate lounge areas in any space.

Furniture rental includes:

White Leather Love Seats:  These love seats are very comfortable and make a great addition to any event.

White Leather Ottomans:  These ottomans can be used as an accent piece with the love seats, or can stand alone. We can combine a number of ottomans together to create more seating.

Acrylic Light-up Tall Boy Tables:  Our Tables are white and are up-lit from the inside with wireless LED up-lights. There are many different color combinations and effects we can use. Examples of this are stationary colors of red, blue, green, white, amber or a fade with a combination of all colors.

White Bar Stools: These stools are a great addition to our tall boy tables. They are air lift adjustable in height from 24 inches to 30 inches and can be used by adults and children alike.

Acrylic Light-up Cubes:  Similar to the tall boy tables, these cubes are up-lit from the inside with wireless LED up-lights. Two or more cubes can be set next to each other to create a coffee table.

Stanchion and Red Carpet:  We can turn any event into a Hollywood Red Carpet event with these VIP ropes and carpet. Our standard carpet is 3′ by 12′, but can adjust it for any of your needs.  Add to that a step and repeat for the full Hollywood Red Carpet feel!